2015 Poetry

Straight workin more mental art to
paint a circumhorizontal arc.
Know i got the cloud high download,
Bro, i sought out and found out
so pro pro pro pro-found – wow
flows (w)orld (w)ide (w)ow around now
a wheel in the sky
fire never burning out
Ezekiel and i
desire ever learning about
exactly where He hovers
turning haters into lovers
that get over on undercovers
and dance orgasmic upon whorin injustice.
Marshall, Judge, and GBI.
wrong must face IAM is right.
No jumpin through the hoops,
I leap over a wall
up upon the troops,
a Reaper to them all,
a Tree of Knowledge bomb.
My plume of fumes became a flaunting flame
as i burst into first place with 3rd eye strain
haunting the rooms sayin my name where i
heard haters runnin the game
in my brain just a membrane away
from your temple of hate
and for the sin you insinuate,
i reiterate that i incinerate.
I straight taught em, time to call it off
in the court of Sodom IAM the molitov.
Brain storm category 5
binding water into cloud
until darkness is a shroud
for fractal fires folding in on itself
infact requires knowing inner self
a son on the line of even odd
like in-between man and God
in the middle middle like Megiddo i stand
in a digital riddle, psyc see those understand… that
i can illustrate at the illest rate
a bipolar Riddelin script for
the illiterate that are riddled with holes of unknown
from pole to pole and never begin to know
that their illness was killed in a pill press.
Their prescription is this poetic inscription
script to fix their ignorant condition.

Thiz I know, I frequent see
those mystical vib-frequencies
cuz I grow my crystal keys
with mineral spirit chemistries
from dianasouric cemet’ries
for soaring fractal global symmetry
St. Peter Cacti knowing ministry
poked holes in Satans sinistry.
Lord knows hes raping children see
court of law his hating industry.
I extract that facts as crystal keys
Exact in fact needlepoint tapestry.
Christ curses um, a fig, Yopo eye-ity speaks
high verses from, a tree, yo poor society needs.
Seeking truth I dig, ignorance I plow
Eating Gods good seed, that tree of knowledge Tao.
I vape what I need – I breathe college now.
Faster than NASA, I teach class like a pastor
I sailed past Nassau, did I mention im faster?
My Consciousness grows because of a plant
I launch with the pros there is nothing i cant.
I eat lunch with my foes, and feed them my rant
Words punch those hoes, I blog with a slant.
My geltab verse of mental penicillin,
Psych vocab Words im bent on killin
High as 2 ball cain, no 8 ball of coke
my very high name, wont be revoked.
I have all my balls and all my brains
Im enAbled, too tall, Tubal, a son of Cain.
Verses do murder a martial arts slaughter
Curse those who hurt her, mind raped my daughter.
High 5 the Most High, eye peek His mind
I fly and boast right, i seek and i find.
Heaven thunders grand heavenly sent signs
seven hundred and seventy seven times
Damn this sinning hating truth n signs.
Man, its the beginning of the end times
From bullet proof crystal glass homes
Im hurlin truth linguistic brass stones.
vibs multiplying dividing times.
Lies cultifying uniting rhymes.
Divorce the courts and rapists retreat.
Leash the police to tame the beast.
We The People still own the street,
until its gold its where we’ll meet.

Bitter blind hate – flavors haters taste
i i i irate – behaviors playin fake.
Know i be up, heard in haters faces
Flowetry uckin up, verb invaded places.
Im king there – dealing all the aces
being on my square – stealing all freebases
seeing everywhere – inside outer spaces.
My ace in your face, breeds high PH and sound.
Laced with more base, frees my creation cloud.
Way down below – i spy cloud 9.
Whole town knows – the high cloud is mine
h(I)gh aint scared – righteous eye stay blessed
im on my square – like im playing chess.
Grand slam check-my-mate-in – she loves it when i poker
Her hand straight fakin – she does it with a joker.
True bitchin testament, a flooding royal flusher
of judicial excrement, a bloody oil gusher.
Blind haters earning it, daily eat this flush
Im the waiter serving it, feeding them their lunch.
On a brighter note – and a better diet
belongs the write i wrote, why let her hide it?

A Gunfire of Good vibes
and a bonfire of ‘god’ lies
know IAM, One higher in Gods Skies
so Brian, Son and flier, cant fly 55
in the face of what is right,
a forfeit of love and all that is right
more shit from a judge that injustice drives
Whore shit from a love that trust has denied.
High where I belong – Flies the ill Eagle
Flight is not wrong – Right is illegal.
Right became Wrong – when Man became Sméagol
Fight became song – the cry of the Eagle.
You drink of the utter and I eat meat
You milk your mother and I feed the street.
You’re a baby – I am foolish in infant eyes
A whore raped me – and i confound the wise
Love is no law in this mis-ruled town
Justice thats flawed – gets a dis from my crown.
The court declares I must sail or fly
it licensed injustice for the judge to drive.
The court would keep me out on the street
The love of hate is the promise it keeps.


How can magic be black and white
if both Angels and Deamons know how to fight
and God sends BOTH with Vitamin D in Sunlight
with His wicked flow and His righteous might?
I Followed the White Rabbit into a wormhole,
hookah’d with a worm and had tea with a warm soul.
I met the shePot in the He garden.
I drank of the Teapot at the Tea Party
I spoke to the spot – word to legalize me
speak as im told?, don’t taze me bro, im in the wormhole
Now Go Think as your told and dont act like you know.
It aint paranoia……… Jesus, its paranormal
I aint scared a more a ya, crazies in pairs un-normal.
nonstoppin i pass the acid test
now im top in class the fast n best
am i a sound or a song?
running circles around .com
Hater Im a Torrent… that we share
Data pay no rent…. and its fair.
You know Im at home, on my square.
In the zone – if you care
In the know – up above
these below – in .gov
ima new digital medium, eye high as helium
The school’s reading em, write right feelin em
I fly Hubble on a drone
Fly Eye double in da zone
I am the tech to type the flow
IAM the Pro-To-Type the code
as wireless as DMT,
IAM in the technology
In the Grow like H2O
in every single living thing
No spoofin my flow,
Pro-Truth is Alien know,
Thought not my own
way out in the deep
ocean waters flowin
out past shallow think
see i swim, fly and roar
out where my feet dont touch
so miles to the floor
doesnt seem like much.


IAM diamond solid ice frozen pure liquid cash
since I kicked the Devils ass they call me Snowball in hell
with a blade to his throat I could hear spirits yell –
Daemons said, “Houdini is still frozen, Son – and Merlin has a chill,
Snowball you’re the chosen One – Hurry up and make the kill”
I would have lowered Satans mouth, with one knife slice
But God said, “Let him live, untill it is his time.
He still serves a purpose and a plan that is mine.”
A billion folks bet, This Snowball never had a chance,
when they saw me first step, with Satan in a dance.
Up in heaven, they all know my name.
They said, “If a someone lays on your track, then you act like a train
and splatter the spot red, while you keep a clean name,
that’s whiter than Snowball, and brighter than fame,
matters more than the diamonds, on your skin and in your veins.”
God knows my heart, that I act fast to haul ass
Off the charts from the start – God Speed Fast.
One ball of ice, multiplied like a comet
froze all of hell one night, and all of heaven saw it.
Now God moves the clouds in the sky – signs above my head.
That’s my protection looking down, remembering what He said.
He is the reason why – Satan isn’t dead.
God swings low and I climb high, we both go, I’m a bride.
Crimes of passion and Rules of State, I keep passin heaven’s gate.
Heaven stays up high, So, so do i, Seven days up fly, Frodo is i
The kingdom of heaven is within, The ring then for Smeagol is sin
Like Frodo, I only win though, I am Lord of the Indole
I tryptamine trip in the spirit and haters say how dare I fly fly?
I triple flip and dont fear it but haters are terrified why?
I triple lip so they hear it and they know I’m not afraid to die twice.
Come see my spiritual home, existing inside my flesh and bone.
Don’t confuse my Gargoyle as a Demon just the same.
He defends my Cherubs, my mansion, and my name.
He’s like a loyal dog, but he always breaks the chain,
so now I leave it off, or he breaks them just for game.
We call him “G”, he’s good at his job.
The Gargoyles breed that you see, is a bloodline called “boss”.
The art of the read in etymology, his papers were not lost
Now it’s 2015 – and my database is growing.
It matters not what I believe – only what I’m knowing.
I just returned from the stars, another out of body flight.
There is no such thing as far, spirit moves far faster than light.
Never early, never late, always eternal,
Im in His Domain – The Creator and Most High.
Never underestimate the ancient paternal,
The sound He makes – can spin or split – sea or sky.
His water uses math, to vibrate – multiply, and divide.
I love Gods law, more than my boss dog G
and hate what is wrong, with curses, claws, and teeth.
Hear Ye, Hear Ye – these verses lyrically must be in cursive.
For the offences of injustice – and justice that’s perversive,
pray the G’s jump the fences, to light a fire seen by courts and judges.
Prejudice family courts in Nebraska – For sake of God pray I ask ya.
For hypocrites in backwoods Georgia – and those full-of-shits in backwards California.
Light the fire bright, so they see their error,
so they serve justice right, for fear of a greater terror.
Woe to those who judge, they are ill prepared for judgement day.
I’ve grown to learn much, from the illest Light that made the day.
I am a creditor as such, to make injustice workers pay today.
Now I pray in earnest to God, “Send them a spirit that is evil –
so that they learn justice, and have fear for what is real.”
With this pen in my palm, may I out curse the 109th Psalm,
and with a keyboard in my hand, disperse it in every land.
Teach them not to fight us, because we’ve grown so free
They’ve condemned the righteous, and neither hear nor see.
Reveal their System of Hate, missing mercy and Love.
Deal to them wisdoms snake, that hissing harmless dove.
Reveal their mistake, in the below from the above
Poetic Inspiration – by my ghost writer,  the only       – Holy one.
High Tech Ignition – by fire most bright, He told me – harm no one.
copyright by Brian, winning the fight thanks to IAM.

Like to talk? Not a listener?
then listen sinner,
Id rather have a heart attack
than be cardiac arrested and bitch-attacked.
The unloyal and prejudicial vs Me.
The unroyal and judge-wit-issues vs Me?
Which witch moves do God and i detest?
A bloodline takeover, damn bloody mess.
Flames you’ll take over, blood on YOUR vest.
The blood would only be a reminder
that the blood is still pumping in YOUR chest.
Getting laid to put your mind to rest?
a she-move WE detest. monthly she-flow…she-know
Ive learned to IGNORE the IGNORance in her
It’s only the whore part of her not the WHOLE part of her.
With no control she thinks with the hole part of her.
Elijah can make the wind blow, so
over the talk of 10,000 crows
cried the bird that really knows.
They’re talkin about nothing
near hairs in the scope of something
in the picture they cant see.
They’re on gossip, talk, and chatter
wont squawk about what matters
with focus wrong so long
talkers lost both chirp and song.
They’ve become a fixture,
blind to the bigger picture.
Those pray birds scream
and the song birds sing.
They see a forever larger view,
their team is together one not two.
Different as they be,
be they prey for meat
or fruit and seed,
and with totally different view
only one team wont deny the truth.
That is the team with I.
The bitch move is a lie,

a witch trial.


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