The Download

I put together a single 1.5Gb download that contains everything I have ever published.  The download contains court documents and journals of court proceedings from 2002 until present that prove grotesque dysfunction in judicial justice.  California, Federal, and Georgia cases.

Additionally, the download contains all the technical and business documents relating to United Business Technologies that have ever been published.

Also all of my poetry, audio mixes, and video are also in the download.

The following links are all sources of the same 1.5 Gb .zip file, its probably not something you want to download to your phone.!As-V0nZeJ-zXixtdKIRISYf-JViV!hdc3wJhB!d2KraaHION61I3GQ6qIM_jGJy1Oq89JGur3i10INmDE

inside the .zip file you would see folders and file like this:




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