2016 Poetry

Climbin at Pineal
IAM high for real
Imagine The Almighty
(-H)im an image of Him
Age of IAM, im-age of Him.
Time faster bending i can see the real
life after ending IAM The sequel.
Anything can happen – dilate a halo
say a thing and happen – i the vib say so.
Positive thunder the wonder sound
cause i live under the underground
(no wonder i wander heavenbound)
so paternal of eternal infant time
echo rhyme in mind all the time
zone of time thats real
on the climb at Pineal.


God over clouds around me,
heights my own astound me,
atmosphere about me,
atoms hear don’t doubt me –
Christ my crown voice shock ya
Vibs ~ sound of 7th chakra.
1 div 3 – Eternally,
One give me eternal see,
so do the math
eye school this class.
Architecture – I tell a mental teach,
talk a lecture – vibs spell elemental speech,
to Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire – Preach!
Once I believed, today I know
psychedelically, I aim to grow,
a knowledge tree, the seed i sow,
its flawless see, eye peek to know.
Love is a rhythm, Power is a vib,
Above has vision, the hour is mine,
this eternal minute of eternal time,
no eternal limit of eternal rhyme…
way up here – in the atmosphere.

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