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Syrian Rue has carved its name into the chronicles of time. Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo both used Syrian Rue – also known as Peganum Harmala.  Da Vinci said Syrian Rue is “miracle smart nutrient”. In the Middle East it is known as Esfand and is used as incense to cleanse a room of evil.  Most references to Syrian Rue in Persian history involve the use of magic.  Greeks refer to it as Persaia botane.  Shakespeare referred to it in his writings, although his personal use of it is unknown.  Smoke from Rue Seeds was used in several ancient religious rituals.  It has been found in the hair of mummified bodies in Egypt. When whole seeds are placed on hot charcoals the seeds explode like popcorn, releasing a fragrant smoke.  In the ancient world it was known as the “Soma Plant”.  Mention has also been made of its ability to antidote the poison of a snake bite.  Dioscorides includes not only reptile poisons but all deadly poisons, including poison mushrooms, scorpions, spiders, and mistletoe.  Pliny notes that weasels about to fight with snakes first protect themselves by eating Syrian Rue. It is also good for fevers with rigors(chills).  Serapio calls it ‘the ultimate medicine against the evil of poisons’.  Dodoens, Gerard, Bauhin, Parkinson and Culpeper want it as a remedy against the plague. Syrian Rue was used by thieves who robbed the houses of plague victims under the protection of their aromatic repellent.  It is also known as the “anti-plague” plant.  After the assignation of his father by poison, Mithridates King of Pontus studied poisons and used Syrian Rue.

In addition to all the ancient documentation about Syrian Rue, more recent scientific observations(referenced below) prove that the fluorescent harmala beta-carboline alkaloid in Syrian Rue is arguably magical or contains a synergy of alkaloid crystals at a frequency with proper phase conjugation which is responsible for the unusual combination of it being antibacterial, antiviral, and antiparasitic, as well as antimutagenic and antigenotoxic, due to inhibition of DNA topoisomerases which causes anti-tumor properties.

The extract of Peganum harmala was used topically to treat certain dermatoses of inflammatory nature. Results were encouraging and proved the antibacterial, antifungal, antipruritic and probably antiprotozoal effects of the extract according to El-Saad El-Rifaie M

In a study on cattle, the curative effect of P. harmala was better than that of diminazene aceturate and produced minimal side effects proven safe for pregnant animals. It was concluded that the total alkaloid of P. harmale showed a marked effect as a treatment for haemosporidican infections in cattle. According to Hu T, Fan B, Liang J, Zhao S, Dang P, Gao F, Dong M

Peganum harmala has been shown to have antibacterial and anti-protozoal activity, including antibacterial activity against drug-resistant bacteria according to Al-Shamma A, Drake S, Flynn DL

One of the compounds found in P. harmala, vasicine (peganine), has been found to kill Leishmania donovani, a protozoan parasite that can cause potentially fatal visceral leishmaniasis according to Misra P, Khaliq T, Dixit A

P. harmala has appreciable efficacy in destroying intracellular parasites in the vesicular forms according to Lala S, Pramanick S, Mukhopadhyay S, Bandyopadhyay S, Basu M

Peganum harmala seed extracts also show effectiveness against various tumor cell lines, both in vitro and in vivo according to Lamchouri F, Settaf A, Cherrah Y

Studies indicate that beta-carboline derivatives found in Peganum harmal inhibit DNA topoisomerases and provide anti-tumor properties according to Li Y1, Liang F, Jiang W, Yu F, Cao R, Ma Q, Dai X, Jiang J, Wang Y, Si S.

Peganum harmala has antioxidant and antimutagenic properties having the ability to scavenge hydroxyl radicals contributes to its antimutagenic and antigenotoxic effects according to Moura DJ1, Richter MF, Boeira JM, Pêgas Henriques JA, Saffi J

Harmine exhibits cytotoxicity therefore it has anti-cancer properties according to Jahaniani F1, Ebrahimi SA, Rahbar-Roshandel N, Mahmoudian M.

Gamma-harmine isolated from Syrian Rue is the first ever plant alkaloid having protective effects against whole-body lethal irradiation in mice according to Yao Xue Xue Bao.


Monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) medications were the first discovered family of antidepressants. The drug irponiazid, originally intended as a treatment for tuberculosis, was discovered as an antidepressant in the early to mid-1950s when researchers noted that the drug made patients “inappropriately happy”. It was officially launched as an antidepressant in 1958.  MAOI antidepressants work by binding with monoamine oxidase(MAO) enzymes, thereby preventing them from breaking down monoamine neurotransmitters by oxidizing them. MAO destroys the neurotransmitters serotonin, substituted tryptamines (psychedelics), noradrenaline and dopamine, when MAO is inhibited by an MAOI those neurotransmitters accumulate unmolested at the receptor sites in the synaptic cleft resulting in increased levels of these natural organic neurotransmitters. This increase is the reason behind MAOI’s causing you to become “inappropriately happy” as noted by researchers in 1950.  In 2010 it was shown in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology that harmine binds with DNA. Harmine has been shown to bind one hundred times more effectively than its close analogue harmaline.

In 2016 Tranylcypromine is one of the most commonly prescribed MAOIs.  Tranylcypromine was originally developed as an amphetamine analogue and does have some amphetamine-like effects in addition to functioning as an MAOI.

Due to dietary interactions which apply more to pharmaceutical MAOIs than Syrian Rue, MAOI antidepressants are not prescribed as first line treatments.  Selective reuptake inhibiters and tricyclic drugs are generally prescribed before an MAOI.  MAOI antidepressants are more powerful, more reliable, and more guaranteed to work than any other antidepressant family in production today according to leading psychiatric medication resources in 2016.  According to the Mayo Clinic, MAOI’s are used to relieve depression when other treatments have failed.  Some prescription MAOI’s are: Isocarboxazid (Marplan),  Phenelzine (Nardil), Selegiline (Emsam), Tranylcypromine (Parnate).  Some plants that contain an MAOI besides Syrian Rue are: Passion Flower Vine, Cacao, Banisteriopsis Caapi, Coriander, Licorice root,  Rhodiola, and Ayahuasca.  Syrian Rue is the strongest known natural MAOI. Specifically Syrian Rue inhibits the MAO-A.  Hordenine and Deprenyl inhibit MAO-B which is required to digest non-endogenous phenethylamine, as MAO-A inhibition is required to digest non-endogenous dimethyltryptamine.


Syrian Rue is uncontrolled in the United States. This means that all parts of the plant and its extracts are federally legal to cultivate, buy, possess, and distribute (sell, trade or give) without a license or prescription so it is widely available for sale on the Internet.

Against all logic and reason, the state of Louisiana has criminalized Syrian Rue (Louisiana Act No 159 signed into law Jun 28, 2005).  Australia, Canada, Finland, and France have also disregarded reason, logic, science, and medicine by making Syrian Rue illegal at one point.  It’s not my point to keep any current information on states of stupidity.  The states of stupidity exist in both dimethyltryptamine and in Syrian Rue.

Eating plants is a religious right because it is written, God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.


The MAOI in Syrian Rue, which is harmine as well as harmaline exists on the skin of the seed only – not in the hard center of the seed.  In my experiences of eating ground seeds both times I had nausea.  I switched to tea and/or smoking my Rue rather than eating it, and never looked back. I still haven’t acquired a taste for Syrian Rue.  After a few years using Syrian Rue on and off, now in late 2016, I make the tea as strong as possible then evaporate water from it to concentrate it.  I enjoy a fresh water chaser, after a concentrated shot.  I have been using all cold water and room temperature water extractions. Although heat does not harm the harmala, heat will raise water solubility to possibly include more than harmala.  Stir occasionally, after a few hours add the next pull into the single collection of watered down pulls. After a few more pulls with fresh water each time, the seeds are exhausted.  By evaporating the combined pulls, a single shot glass can be made extremely strong.

I cannot presume that the exhausted seeds themselves, stripped of their skin, contain something that causes nausea.  MAOI alkaloids exist only on the skin of the seed.  I assumed my nausea, long ago when I ate the seeds, was caused by something else in my diet.  I can assert that the center of the seed contains no glowing harmalas, but cannot assert that there are toxins there.  Crushing the seed introduces non-harmala plant matter, probably fats and oils like most seeds contain.  The exhausted seeds are, at best, fiber that you can find better dietary sources for.

I was so intrigued by Syrian Rue that I extracted the pure harmala freebase for the first time in 2014.  I ate, smoked/vaped(harsh),  insufflated(burns), and sublingually tried the harmala.  I finally came to the semi-conclusion that the tea and the properly prepared smoking extract were superior means of ingesting the MAOI.  The pure harmala freebase extract works sublingually after 15-20 minutes of holding the extract under your tongue without swallowing it while your mouth waters from the taste of it.  Sublingual might be an option if you don’t smoke and cannot wait 1 to 2 hours for the effect from drinking or eating it.  Sublingual is faster acting than the tea but harder to deal with for 20 minutes avoiding swallowing what you are trying to absorb.  The smoke is effective in 3 to 5 minutes lasting about 1 hour unless you smoke more.  The duration of an oral dose varies depending on the dose size, 8 to 12 hours is common– 30 hours is a large dose, and presumably doses can be higher yet with a diet nearing perfection.

In 2017 I finally found a way to measure an oral dose consistently.  The teas were unpredictable dilution strengths. The powder ground from the toasted seed can be weighed.  7 grams is a large dose.  At that dose the Rue can be seen and felt without the presence of any psychedelic.  I have successfully shared 5 to 7 gram doses with others – to be able to assert that the large dose experience can be completely nausea free – and extremely beautiful.  Note that this weight is not the weight of the whole seeds – it is the weight of pure seed skin as a powder which is put into pill caps to avoid tasting it.  2 grams is effective as an MAO inhibitor when combined when 1.5 grams of Cubensis psilocybe mushrooms and some water soluble DMT – (aka  Psilohuasca).  Larger doses of MAOI mixed with other 5H-T serotonergic signaling agonists is pioneering psychonautics and should only be experienced after experiencing smaller doses as a prerequisite.  Look to the Yopo seed to understand why nature mixes multiple DMT analogs in one experience.

Years after my conclusion that tea and smoke are more effective than using pure harmaline crystal extract, I came across harmala freebase tested at 99%.  I also obtained the alkaloids hydrochloride salt which is harmala HCL.  This gave me an opportunity to reassess my earlier findings without having to do another harmala extraction myself.  I tested every mode of ingestion possible other than suppository with both forms of pure harmala.  I came to the same conclusion again.  The smoking mixture, as I prepare it, is most effective and most enjoyable and burns strangely as smoke becomes more vapor like toward the last of the loaded pipe.  In the tihkal for harmaline it mentions that the effects of pure harmaline by itself, differ from the effects of Peganum harmala seeds, just by themselves. “They are very different from one-another.”  I concur with Shulgin’s observation.  Some of the alkaloids discovered in Syrian Rue are harmalol, harmaline, norharmane, harmol, harmine, harmane, and gamma-harmine.  The tihkal documents nausea as unavoidable using harmaline, nausea certainly is avoidable using Syrian Rue.  Any nausea experienced is due to tyramine, not Syrian Rue.

If you wish to prepare the seeds to smoke (or to get the most out of them) – grind the seeds against a metal screen to collect the brown powder that falls off.  Sift the powder through a fine steel mesh kitchen colander to filter out chunks, stems, and other impurities.  Lightly toasting the seeds before grinding them significantly simplifies the process.  Toasting essentially dries the seeds.  The outermost layer of the seed comes off the dried/toasted seeds with little effort. I have found that using a small glass jar to grind the seeds against the screen colander will shave off the outer skin.  The smokable powder is caught under the screen.  If you don’t smoke, you can put that powder into gelcaps to consume it without tasting it.    After the seeds have had most of the skin scraped off, the seed with some skin remaining is perfect for the water extract, which will almost thoroughly devoid the seed of harmala (without needlessly crushing the pit of the seed).




In my earlier experiments with Syrian Rue I only drank it because the preparation is far easier than smoking it.  Smoking Syrian Rue has several advantages – the effect is immediate, dose is smaller compared to dose sizes for an equivalent effect via oral ingestion, and effects are shorter in duration than when orally consumed.  Additionally, the dietary restrictions are more relaxed when the MAOI does not pass through the stomach.  Smoke the Rue until feeling its relaxing effects.  The small amount of harmala present in 5.5 liters of blood, after smoking it, is effective because it is concentrated between the lungs and the brain. The brevity of the effect is likely the dilution of the concentration as your blood continues to circulate and distribute it evenly until it is the equivalent of a sub-threshold oral dose.  Smoking it multiple times in 20 minutes intervals causes the pleasant effects to be noticeable much longer, similar to oral dose effects.Syrian Rue Smoke.jpg

Syrian Rue tea glows extremely bright under a black light, in fact it is so bright that even your urine and saliva will glow after you drink it.  Your tongue and lips glow as well – only under a black light.  Relatively irrelevant, Einsteinium glows blue in the dark. 


Einstein has nothing to do with Syrian Rue, but he smokes a pipe and sticks his tongue out for pictures like I do.  His pupils are suspiciously dilated.   Dropout pupils open schools.


Syrian Rue Dietary Summary

This is the short list of the most common foods that conflict with Syrian Rue.  You should prepare yourself for 24 hours.  You could prepare for 48 hours.  The more serious foods to avoid are: aged cheeses(parmeasean, chedder, gouda, gruyere, emmental), preserved meat like jerky or pepperoni, or shrimp paste.  Vitamin supplements with fermented soy.  Raw yeast, Preservatives like MSG or ‘Yeast Extracts’, Fermented tofu or soy.

You should also avoid large quantities of: spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, pineapple, dates, snow peas, avocados, raw onion, eggplants, figs, beets, olives, broccoli ,red plums, kim chee, prunes,  raspberries, peanuts, Brazil nuts, walnuts, coconut , ginseng, licorice, cinnamon, anise, curry powder, hot paprika, nutmeg, beer and wine.  The substance to avoid is tyramine.  Less than 10mg of tyramine is not a problem for most people.

A dash or two of ground cinnamon has such a small tyramine level that it is undetectable and does not matter, however a healthy serving of a strong curry dinner with almost certainly cause nausea.  A few tablespoons of peanut butter will not sit well in your stomach along with Syrian Rue. Most wine and beer has a low tyramine level.  Distilled alcohols have no tyramine.

Food that is ideal to eat is food that is 100% tyramine free:

Fresh chicken, eggs, fish, beef, white bread, wheat bread, rye bread, English muffins, crackers, bagels, hot and cold cereal, cream of wheat, rice, cooked dried beans, peas, and lentils, all pasta, apple, banana, blueberries, melons, spaghetti, egg noodles, rice, corn, asparagus, carrots, pumpkin, squash, zucchini, potatoes, cooked onion, American cheese, ricotta, cottage cheese, cream cheese, eggs, canned salmon or tuna fish, tuna salad, milk: whole, 2% or skim, salt, chives, sugar, maple syrup, honey, and salad dressing made from olive oil and lemon juice. Mustard greens, Baby kale can be cooked or in a salad(but no Spinach (and no vinegar salad dressing))

A slice or two of FRESH yeast raised bread is safe because most yeast dies during baking, unleavened bread is perfectly safe you could eat a pound of it.



Beware of the Yeast Extracts, (the yeast of the Pharisees).  Yeast extract is the common name for various forms of processed yeast products that are used as preservatives. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is the most well-known yeast extract.  MSG side effects range from headaches and nausea to heart palpitations or chest pain in about 14% of Americans that do NOT use an MAOI.  Due to the common knowledge that MSG is bad for you, corporate chemists/scientists have created other yeast extracts with lesser known names.  The general method for making yeast extract for food products is to add salt to a suspension of yeast, making the solution hypertonic, which leads to the cells shriveling up. This triggers autolysis, wherein the yeast’s digestive enzymes break their own proteins down into simpler compounds, a process of self-destruction. The dying yeast cells are then heated to complete their breakdown, after which the husks (yeast with thick cell walls that would give poor texture) are separated.  When consumed with an MAOI such as Syrian Rue, it will raise your blood pressure and may produce nausea/vomiting in some cases.


Yeast extracts are found in various condiments and seasonings and should be avoided, those to be avoided includes but are not limited to bouillon cubes/powder, meat tenderizers, dry packaged and canned soups, gravy, sauces, stew mixes, instant soup dry powder bases, Soy and Teriyaki Sauce and sourdough bread.  Some vitamin supplements contain brewer’s yeast and should be avoided.

Yeast and yeast extracts and their synthesized relatives, aka “preservatives” are poison.  Their poisonous effects are amplified by an MAOI.  Note that most popular eye drops contain them in concentrate, this is why eye drops are poison when ingested internally.  I experimented with eye drops and when used as directed externally they seem to be ok with the MAOI that is internal.  There are “preservative free eye drops” for a healthier alternative regardless of using an MAOI, and especially while using an MAOI at very high doses.

Eating live (raw) Baker’s yeast, which is still active and uncooked will induce vomiting if drink Syrian Rue Tea.  Do not eat yeast.  Yeast is in the air everywhere and it lands on GOOD bread to make it moldy, and lands on fruit to begin decaying it and turning it into wine.  There are many varieties of yeast and more research needs to be done regarding specific strains and how they interact with Syrian Rue.

Strawberry seeds contain tyramine.  A strawberry or three is likely safe although I have never tried.  Do not eat a large bowl full of strawberries.  If you ever were to find yourself conscious that you have a gut full of poison, you can always purge (aka puke or vomit) if you need to (you will intuitively know if you need to).  Thank God we have such fantastic biological engineering and the ability to purge/vomit and metabolize the fantastic chemistry that we are.  Dietary knowledge will make such a drastic expulsion of chewed up food reserved for rare situations of accidental ingestion.

Technically, Syrian Rue is a reversible MAOI also called a RIMA.  Alternatively other MAOIs are irreversible which means they covalently bind to the MAO enzyme rendering it permanently deactivated and cannot be restored until the body replaces the enzyme through new enzyme synthesis.  Reversible MAOIs like Syrian Rue can be displaced from the MAO enzymes by tyramine so that the risk from tyramine is significantly reduced.  Many sources of information referring to general MAOI food interactions are specifically with regard to non-selective irreversible pharmaceutical MAOIs such as Parnate and Nardil, applying somewhat less or not at all to Syrian Rue which is much safer than pharmaceuticals because RIMAs are displaced by tyramine on the MAO enzyme so the tyramine can be metabolized and a hypertensive crisis is not easily encountered using Syrian Rue like it is using pharmaceutical MAOIs.  Using Syrian Rue as an MAOI, tyramine is more likely to produce nausea than a hypertensive crisis.  Therefore, the restricted food items listed below are merely areas of caution with regard to Syrian Rue.

DO NOT EAT:  Tyramine which is found in

shellfish, all pork (except cured ham); caviar, shrimp, and shrimp paste, beer and wine, sour cream, catfish,  or any pickled meat, fermented sausages (pepperoni, mortadella, Salami), snails, processed Meat(bologna, liverwurst, some hot dogs) or any kind of aged, smoked, fermented, or marinated meat for example pickled herrings, beef jerky, or salted cod.  Notice that non-fresh food is commonly laced with tyramine.

AVOID EXCESSIVE AMOUNTS OF THESE ALSO: pickles, chocolate; and all fermented foods, such as aged cheeses such as blue cheese, vegemite, feta, camembert , stilton brick, brie, cheddar, swiss and parmesan , also processed cheese velveeta and cheese whiz, soy sauce, soybean condiments, teriyaki sauce, tofu or any soy product, tempeh, miso soup, sauerkraut, broad (fava) beans, green bean pods, italian flat (romano) beans, spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, pineapple, dates, papaya, snow peas, avocados, raw onion, eggplants, banana peel strings, figs, beets, olives, broccoli ,red plums, kim chee, prunes,  raspberries, peanuts, Brazil nuts, walnuts, coconuts , ginseng, licorice, coffee cakes, cheese cake, an array of cacti(San Pedro is safe), cinnamon(trace amounts are OK), anise, curry powder(verified lots of  curry is bad), hot paprika, nutmeg, balsamic vinegar and vinegars of all kind.

Some of the aforementioned foods are safe in small quantities, but they are all known to have some tyramine.  On a mild dose of Syrian Rue I ate half of a large papaya and experienced no nausea or sickness of any kind, on a very large dose I do not experiment.  For example there are many varieties of spinach, some contain low levels of tyramine that will not be a problem unless you eat too much of it.  Be careful with spinach.  Some varieties have a high tyramine level.  Most yogurt is good so it seems tragic to add it to the list of bad foods, you can carefully experiment a little as you get a feel for the dietary rules, because a LITTLE bit of tyramine won’t make you sick or nauseous.  Sour cream has a little, but very little – almost unmentionable if it is fresh.  A few raisins or a small bit of mustard and fat slice of tomato with otherwise good food is not a problem.  You don’t need to strain out all the gnats, just don’t swallow camels.  Don’t eat a whole box of raisins, or a basket full of tomatoes.   Liver is good only if it is very fresh and handled with kosher care.

Grapefruit is perfectly safe with Syrian Rue.  It had been reported to conflict with the MAOI, however citrus has no tyramine.  Scientists believe the contents of the juice or fruit inhibit enzymes in the small intestine that help to break down many other drugs. If those enzymes aren’t available to break down the drug and render it inactive – that means more of the drug makes its way in to the bloodstream. Concentrations in the body are therefore higher – accounting for incorrect reports that citrus cannot be used with Syrian Rue when in fact it was something else amplified by the citrus.

I used Syrian Rue 100’s of times in 2014 and 2015 without experiencing sickness.  It is not very difficult to eat a Syrian Rue compliant diet.  I vomited one time using Rue in 2013.  Once I wished I had not eaten a yogurt, and once I wished I had not eaten processed de-shelled sunflower seeds that had been contaminated by improper packaging, but I never regretted ingesting Syrian Rue.

Fresh Food.jpg

Do not eat anything other than very fresh food.  No dried fruit, old bananas, banana bread,  and just about all prepared packaged ‘meals’( canned, frozen, or dry packaged ) contain tyramine.  Products should not be used if they are close to the expiration date.

There are many safe foods.  These are a few of the GOOD foods that will prepare your body chemistry for some GOOD tea and a GOOD experience. Fresh chicken, fish, and beef is GOOD.  Eat perishable foods within two days after purchase.  Go to the market often.  Eat fresh white bread, wheat bread, rye bread, English muffins, crackers, bagels, hot and cold cereal, cream of wheat, rice, cooked dried beans, peas, and lentils, all pasta, apple, banana, blueberries, melons, spaghetti, egg noodles, rice, corn, asparagus, carrots, pumpkin, squash, zucchini, potatoes, cooked onion, American cheese, ricotta, cottage cheese, cream cheese, eggs, canned salmon or tuna fish, tuna salad, milk: whole, 2% or skim, salt, chives, sugar, maple syrup, honey, and salad dressing made from olive oil and lemon juice. Baby kale can be cooked or in a salad(but no Spinich( and no vinegar salad dressing)) Properly canned or frozen FRESH food is GOOD if it is eaten immediately after opening or thawing it.  Eggs must also be eaten immediately.  A slice or two of FRESH yeast raised bread is safe because most yeast dies during baking, unleavened bread is perfectly safe you could eat a pound of it.  Eat the energy of living foods not the energy of decaying death.  Some information sources say “all nuts have tyramine”, I do not know about that, because several handfuls of (Pistachios, Cashews,  Almonds, and Pecans) feel safe to me.  Sunflower seed is good from all the research I can find, however ½ cup of roasted sunflower seeds (with no preservatives) made me mildly ill – stick to FRESH food.  GOOD food becomes BAD when its not fresh.

For 24 hours prior to drinking Syrian Rue Tea(especially when you are new to using it): THE VERY BEST THING TO EAT IS NOTHING, otherwise follow the diet and be strict if you are using very large doses of Syrian Rue.  Drink plenty of GOOD water.

Using Syrian Rue daily can be wise.  In my earlier experiments with Rue I tested it on occasion – in my later experiments I used rue daily, 1 dose every 8 hours for a few weeks to study how a variety of other foods/teas/spices affect me during MAO inhibition by Rue.  Rue is not addictive.


Diabetics: Eat a small piece of bread and fruit juice 60-90 minutes before taking the Rue and keep fruit juice handy.  A 2007 study suggests that Syrian Rue acts like thiazolidinediones, however, harmine does not cause significant weight gain or hepatic lipid accumulation.

Pregnant Women: Syrian rue contains uterotonics.  You should definitely not use Syrian Rue in later stages of pregnancy as it may induce labor – likewise with LSA.  Pregnant women also should not fast from food.  Clearly the best advice is to wait until after you have the baby.


Mixing pharmaceutical irreversible MAOIs with the following interaction list will cause certain hypertensive crisis and possible death: SSRI antidepressants, decongestants, dramamine, antihistamines, or cough syrup with DXM, or any amphetamines/stimulants (which include MDA, MDMA, phenylpropanolamine, ephedrine, pseudo-ephedrine, cocaine, and caffeine (soda, coffee, Excedrin, tea)), Ginseng found in energy drinks.

Wait at least 3 weeks after taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) before starting with MAOIs. This includes antidepressants such as the herb kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) and pills such as paroxetine (Seroxat), citalopram (Cipramil), fluvoxamine (Fevarin) and sertraline (Zoloft). It’s recommended to wait 6 weeks after fluoxetine (Prozac), as it has been blamed for at least 1 death in combination with Ayahuasca which is a reversible MAOI just like Syrian Rue.

I have seen Syrian Rue mixed with Xanax and Klonopin resulting in no negative interactions.

With specific regard to MDMA, which most information says can be lethal when mixed with an MAOI, when in fact more specifically, inhibition of MAO-B protects against MDMA-induced neurotoxicity in the striatum.  Irreversible inhibition of MAO-A can be lethal and should not be mixed with MDMA.  Syrian Rue is reversible and possibly can be mixed with small dose MDMA which will potentate the MDMA effect.  There are mixed reports about combining Rue with small dose MDMA so proceed with extreme caution or do not proceed until more is known.  One kind of MAOI, MAO-B, is helpful for MDMA users and irreversible MAO-A inhibition is unquestionably harmful when used at the same time as MDMA.

Although MAOI related deaths do happen from drug interactions (not from food interactions, which at most will make you vomit), I have concluded that the dangers of using Syrian Rue as an MAOI are mostly overstated in an abundance of copy-paste-precaution that does not apply.  Overstating dangers convolutes the truth.  High levels of tyramine can cause blood vessels to narrow. This can lead to very high blood pressure, a severe headache, and possibly bleeding – a situation that possibly cannot happen with a reversible MAOI like Syrian Rue or only at very high doses.  On lower MAOI doses you will find that many of the forbidden foods are safe in small quantities – as you increase the amount of Syrian Rue you take, you will discover that the dietary guidelines do become more important to follow and that they are not altogether irrelevant.  In the spirit of caution in abundance, you should keep foods handy that are known to lower blood pressure in the event that you accidently ingested enough tyramine to make you uncomfortable.  Extra-virgin olive oil, Oregano, Hawthorn, Cardamom, Basil, Calamus Root, and Wandering Jew are all medicines that lower blood pressure. High doses are not unsafe, but they would be safer with a pharmaceutical hypertensive crisis antidote such as a drug called nifedipine (marketed as Adalat®) which can be supplied as liquid capsules; pop one in your mouth, bite it and the drug will be absorbed extremely quickly – like an injection.

I have carefully experimented with mixing the forbidden stimulants with Syrian Rue – start with caffeine.  The dangers of being slightly under stimulant may be overstated for combination with Syrian Rue when it is the irreversible pharmaceutical MAOIs that more commonly have more danger associated with stimulant combinations .  Everybody has unique personal body chemistry, so they need to figure out for themselves what is comfortable and safe.   Caffeine is definitely potentiated proportionally to the MAOI dose- doubling its stimulant effect and increasing the length of its effects.  Many information sources state that caffeine is forbidden, however in light of the fact that Theobroma Cacao contains an MAOI and caffeine, the mixture of these two medicines is a natural powerful combination that can be mixed carefully.

Note: Contrary to many information sources, Gin, Vodka, Rum, and Bourbon contain no tyramine so it is perfectly safe to mix a drink.  You should not drink beer or wine with Syrian Rue due to the yeast in brewing however you can mix alcohol with Syrian Rue.  Small amounts of alcohol were neither toxic nor had a magnified effect when tested on myself – still I generally do not mix them.  Interestingly, when attempting to perform extractions of pure harmine/harmaline from Syrian Rue using either Methyl or Ethyl alcohols creates an inactive red harmala as opposed to an active water extracted yellow harmala.  This same reaction could be happening in the body although that is pure speculation.  Regarding DMT+Alcohol, one person who smoked DMT while somewhat intoxicated from alcohol met “a deity that said ‘im not talking to you when you’ve been drinking’ then the helpful presence left him alone”

Note: It is perfectly safe to use marijuana with Syrian Rue.

Note: Syrian Rue lowers tolerance for opiates – if you use opiates daily, you should reduce your opiate dose to obtain the same effect, but you do not need to be free from opiates.

Note: Syrian Rue acts in synergy with nicotine to enhance its effect by keeping dopamine levels higher for longer therefore craving will cease, however addiction to nicotine is partially a psychological problem for some people who have struggled with quitting and others have a completely different mindset about it = with that + LSA tea in the equation the craving may cease forever after the initial nicotine withdrawal is over with the next day.  This tea can be a dose of science and psychology.


After much practice, I began to experiment with “large doses” of Syrian Rue.  This was done by filling a 12 ounce water bottle between 1/3 and 1/2  full of Syrian Rue seeds, then covering the seeds with water, shake it up a few times then let it settle and drink off the top or take it one shot at a time over several hours.  At very high doses, one spoonful of peanut butter will make you vomit – however if you are on the right diet you will not get sick while all your self-synthesized serotonin and Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is not destroyed by your MAO and natural psychedelic states occur as a result of Syrian Rue alone.  Boosting your endogenous neurotransmitters while you ingest LSA which itself binds to the same receptors is beyond smart.  Plant sourced DMT in the mix at those same receptors is divine, and I am of the opinion that MAOI amplifies psilocybin and bufotenin seemingly more profoundly than DMT which may be because they are more stable against metabolization, and for example are orally active while DMT is not.  They are all metabolized by the same MAO-A enzyme.

To activate orally ingested DMT it is best to drink the Rue – in that case smoking Syrian Rue will enhance the effects only after you can already feel them which requires orally consuming the Syrian Rue.  Psilocybin is immediately potentiated by smoked Syrian Rue.  Psilocybin and bufotenin are natural analogues of DMT.  Psylocin is DMT with one oxygen attached.  Lysergamides are also enhanced by Rue, although not because their rate of metabolism is reduced as is the case regarding the aforementioned indoles, but because the MAOI stops destroying your own endogenous serotonin so more of it is plugged into 5-HT receptors – at the same time as the Lysergamides which also binds to 5-HT receptors.  The result is a naturally serotonin laced lysergamide.

Drink the Syrian Rue tea 1 to 2 hours prior to any LSA tea you intend to amplify and upgrade.  If you smoke the Syrian Rue seed skins, begin so 1 hour after drinking the LSA tea, or smoke it immediately prior to a breath of vapor DMT.  The smoke of Syrian Rue extends and properly activates the vapors of DMT for 30 minutes with a 30 minute afterglow – those numbers are as variable as the size of a breath is variable.  The calming effect of Syrian Rue makes the experience smoother and longer – not more intense.  The experience on brain wave activity is graphed as a curve rather than a spike.  Syrian Rue is like wearing a parachute before you launch from a cannon.  It is a true brief Ayahuasca experience inhaled, unless extended by inhaling more. With humble reverence and premeditated timing most people approach the spiritual experience of inhaling DMT, especially after they have experienced it a few times to learn what it is.  Something like going to church, you don’t do it drunk and belligerent, you may or may not have a specific prayer on your mind just open to truths to be discovered.

Vaporize 2.jpg

Rick Strassman administered DMT intravenously in his study and contribution to the collective knowledge about this fascinating medicine.  I use mostly vapor.  Vapor inhalation is an excellent delivery option for DMT in many circumstances.  Contrary to my expectations, I found that the same DMT vaporized by flame under glass is often harsher compared to when it’s vaped from the proper device.  The vape pen can also deliver the entire dose in a single breath just as flame and a glass pipe can.  Research does not set out to find predetermined findings unless shareholders are demanding it.  I am researching. 

I experimented with several vape configurations.  I found that vape pens designed for wax using a dual coil tank are an excellent solution.  I use the Evod Twist for control and the Original G Pen for cost effective functionality.  The single coil works.  Single coil produces a slower vape so it requires a longer button press and slower inhale. The dual coil tank works better.  This dual coil version (image below) somewhat solves the problem of preloading multiple doses since any warm liquid crystals that spill into the tube eventually fall back onto the coils just below the screen.  Three layers of screen were added under the cap to help keep the hot liquid crystals in the coil chamber.  The non-toxic vinyl tube is very tight over the cap, its air tight and is essentially one piece which unscrews to access the coil chamber.  The tube must be long enough to add enough distance between the coils and your mouth so that no DMT will get on your lips making them numb like a dentist shot you with Novocain which is what happens on a dual coil with no stem if you draw too fast over a full coil chamber.  The harmless numbing and warm effect does not last long.  The tube length ensures only vapor reaches your mouth. Drawing too hard is common, especially to clear the tube however it runs back down into the coil chamber where it tends to stay once everything is cool.  The clear tube is like an instrument panel communicating proper operation to the operator.  It allows me to see the airflow rate, vapor density and duration.



The vapor is lighter and smoother when produced by the vape pen.  The air drawn in flows all around the heated coils covered with warm melted DMT that never burns. The airflow through the liquid, not just over it, maximizes the surface area where evaporation takes place. Using a glass stem or bong is a somewhat common vaporization device for DMT, however both of those methods will produce some smoke amid the vapor because the flame directly touches the crystals using either of those devices.  Both the crystals and the vapor are flammable.  Smoke is caused by the flame causing combustion which destroys the material we intend to evaporate, instead converting it to carbon monoxide which is toxic in large quantities.

The smoke produced from burning DMT crystals reeks like burnt plastic.  The smallest bit of smoke produces a great amount odor amid mostly DMT vapor.  Vapor from a glass bubble pipe is produced when the air movement is drawn over the hot liquid crystals which should be slightly below their boiling point.  Above the boiling point it burns to bottom of the glass bowl while simultaneously evaporating a harsher smoke filled vapor that stinks.  Generally the amount of material is very small allowing it to change temperature very quickly and commonly obtain smoke amid the crystal vapor.   The glass bubble pipe requires masterful clutching of the torch while rolling the pipe from side to side creating movement of the liquid crystals inside the pipe to maximize surface area where evaporation will happen when the airflow begins.  Since the air hole of a bubble pipe is huge in comparison to the pin hole in the vape pen, you must be drawing just enough air to obtain the ideal vapor density.

If you inhale the vapor from a pen and hold your breath long enough so that nothing is exhaled, then all of it is being fully absorbed in the body and there is no odor.  People in the car with you don’t even smell it.  You could never accomplish odorless and unnoticed DMT vaporization with anything other than a vape pen which is also socially acceptable in many places that glass pipes and torches are not.

Smooth and harsh are relative. A person who smokes marijuana, tobacco, or enough prior DMT has desensitized their lungs so that to them DMT vapor is very smooth and easy to breathe, creating no urge to cough.  Smokers make up the majority of the cases I see.  They experience no mucus buildup and cannot feel it any longer than any other breath of normal air.

NonSmokers.jpgI have seen a few people who have never smoked before attempt to inhale DMT vapors which must be drawn in deep but they are forced to reject via cough like an involuntary nee jerk reaction.  I suspected that this reaction would cease with the advent of proper vaporization as the bulk of my experience has been with flame and a glass bubble pipe.  My suspicions were incorrect if subsequent nonsmokers find the vapors harsh as the first nonsmoker on a vape pen did.  I have a pen with a lower setting for future nonsmokers. With a difficult but successful breath, new bright colors revealed that reality was more digital than they expected.  This nonsmoker had a somewhat profound experience without using Syrian Rue in any form.  After the experience the lungs needed to recover from the irritation and produced some mucus.  The final recovery was not even complete until the next day and considering everything this nonsmoker said it was a good experience.  Conclusions to this paragraph are pending more results with asthmatics and nonsmokers.

I only discovered the vape pen after creating the “perfect” glass pipe for DMT.  Notice how this pipe can be turned upside down and never spill the melted crystals from either the mouth piece or the inward pointed air hole.  This allows you to fill the pipe less frequently and have a portable rig. Also notice the flat bottom keeps it from rolling around when you set it down.




After experiencing and witnessing others experiencing DMT on many occasions in a variety of settings I can prescribe a few tips to help realize the full potential of the trip.  Prepare yourself to be comfortable, maybe by using the restroom if you need to, or maybe preparing your spot so that if you decide to lie on your back with eyes closed – your spot is ready.  I recommend experiencing an entire trip with eyes open and an entire trip eyes closed.  Have a glass of water handy.  It is frequently requested.  Take 3 deep breaths and exhale slowly while you premeditate a trip to heaven, prior to inhaling the DMT.  To the very best of your ability avoid coughing.  If the vapor is too thick, draw in more air so that the irritation does not induce a cough.  Take the dose over two breaths if you cannot get it in one breath without coughing or blow it out early and lose the DMT in the air if you must to avoid a cough.  Ideally you should not exhale any vapor, if you do take smaller amounts and hold it longer.  Entering this meditative state of consciousness is greatly distracted by coughing.  The few deep breaths adds additional oxygen to your blood, aids in concentration , clear thought, and relaxation which all prepare ideal conditions for attaining the deepest state of consciousness that you can during the experience.  Prepare silence.  Any spectators are instructed to remain silent until the person experiencing DMT decides to speak.  Do not carry on with conversation as if you are drinking a beer at the bar, stop and absorb the information you become conscious of.

In one case sitting on a rocky hillside, after most of the trip had been experienced seated, the person stood to walk before they could properly distinguish the terrain.  Being close by, and recognizing the difficult terrain, he was safely reseated until he was ready to walk by the sight of his eyes rather than by the sight of the additional perception which some say allows you to see sound and energies among other things.  There are no rules for safely experiencing DMT.  Walking is allowed.  Several times on the beach, surrounded by the safety of soft sand, people have experienced their entire trip on their feet completely stable and able to move about.  One woman, very comfortable with swimming, went swimming in calm waters in the warm Caribbean Ocean immediately after inhaling DMT.  I watched closely and remained close as she had a safe and enlightning trip that I would have ruined if I had needlessly panicked.  In fact she inspired me to later go snorkeling after inhaling DMT.  I am as comfortable swimming as I am walking, and my comfort level made it safe for me.  I am always very near the person experiencing DMT, however out of hundreds of experiences, only one time on a steep rocky hillside I needed to intervene with a hand to lean on.  I have never witnessed any other dangers while witnessing DMT use. 

On a handful of occasions, relatively very rarely, people vomited immediately after inhaling the DMT.  All of them had alcohol in their system except one who inhaled DMT the morning after an all-night Ayahuasca ceremony during which she did not purge although most others did.  She still had the Ayahuasca in her stomach up until she inhaled DMT.  Upon immediately heightening bodily perception, the purge is involuntary in these rare cases.  Even so, none of them had any kind of nightmare experience.  DMT does not cause nausea or vomiting however alcohol with DMT might.  Once I discovered the alcohol connection and the purge – I began to forbid DMT if people admitted they had any alcohol in them which is a little too extreme of a rule.  Over time, several people with low blood alcohol convinced me to allow them to trip and they had a beautiful experience with no nausea or purge.  Some people nearly always have some blood alcohol level, I try to catch them in the morning.

In conclusion, DMT is very safe.  Perhaps one of the largest responsibilities is management of the vape pen containing DMT ensuring that an unsuspecting person could never unknowingly use it while driving a vehicle.



Most sincerely – Happy Trails,

Brian Aberle



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