2018 Poetics



Im-proved by truth
improved to youth.
Uni-verse full proof
Doin a verse fool proof.
Everclear high proof.
Never fear – I choose.
Sever fear – my dues.
Ever cureing you –
Be drinking pureing clues.
ReThinking heavens medicine,
de-inking earths hella sin.
Drinkers beggin let us in.
Thinkers thinkin lets begin.
The proof is high
on the roof all-right
thats where AM I,
facts bearing light.
Im-proved by time.
Im-aged like wine
Imaged see a must
Im-a G-in-us
G in od us see
G an Odyssey
that all will see.





CreatOr not?
Creator not in want.
Create or want a wand.
Words your Wand
World Wide Order
Word’er not?
Heard words a lot.
Its a hearders world,
A world of Word I heard.
Decree-ation of de creator
Hear Ye? Heard Ye?
Near me word be,
hearded by word.
Bonded to mercy.
Wanded so sure, see?
Without hate ‘er in cursing,
No-doubt creator in versing.





According to coding
a code to know being,
source of a great King,
a course in the making.
The Ode of the old,
was code on a scroll.
For those that read
code’s on the screen.
Code on the scene.
Know what it means?
Aint no other means,
so go with de Light
flow with delight.
These-eyes-for sight
so decipher right
a lifer’s height.
Lifers in infinite
lift lifers in fi-nite
from night and twi-light
to bright and sky high.
You can figure out
who transfigured out.
Go not ignorant of
code so figurative.