IN and OUT – Jail


I wrote this blog at  9:59pm on April 30 in the year of our Lord 2018

IAM at home, just a few days ago – stackin the house with cool wood and glass for building shelves in my awesome home that I am about to Mirror, Led Light Illuminate, and see exotic smoke in IR and Black Light.  Im just doin my own thing U kno.  Up comes sheriff people…..    I went into my spacious front yard to greet them.  It was so nice out, but he wanted to go inside.  I said no.  He insisted, so I told him he must call a sergeant.  He told me he is the sergeant and welcomed himself into my home.


The house was a mess, its under construction.  Fortunately, I am experienced in these kinds of situations.  While the police were digging through my house, I asked them if I could take a picture of them.  I was allowed, so I only took two and put my camera back in my pocket because I saw it made them nervous – especially the old one.

Here he is going into the blue bag – In my home illegally – taking things that are not even in plain sight.



They have their gloves on because they are digging through my property.



They finished up rooting and finally gathered a whopping 11 ounces of medical cannabis and 2 pipes.

When I was booked in the jail, they took my camera and my $200 cash from my pocket.  They were putting my cash onto the jail account.  I told them to only put $20 on the jail account and put the rest in my property where I will assume the liability that a thief may get at it.  I possess many wealth’s besides money at the moment, my non cash wealth is firmly intact.  I am in no need of money unless I need a hired lawyer for my new Ashe County, North Carolina case.


I am from the United States and I travel.  In my travels, I advance medicinal and technological research.  I am professionally affiliated in both arenas.  My most recent focus and discoveries are in an area of medicine called an AChE, or AcetylCholinesterase Notice in that factual explanation at footnote [19] and [16] in the preceding URL or hyperlink.  According to leading cancer research in Israel, oral ingestion of whole flower decarboxylated tetrahydrocannabinol is the best approach, better than CBD or extracts – using the whole flower decarb proved best in clinical studies.  Portions of the cannabis that the police seized illegally had been decarboxylated.    Decarboxylated cannabis does not produce an odor because the terpenes are no longer in the plant – they leave during heating when the house smells good.  The Ashe County Sherriff did not smell cannabis from outside of my house as they claim.  They got their tongue twisted in the truth of their teeth.


The bond was set extremely high. In Ashe County, or in NC – for bonds over $15,000 a signature from a property owner is not enough.  I was put in jail for a minute. I was only allowed to make a local phone call for a few days.  This is my first incarcerated experience with jail provided e-mail.  I sent a few emails out, however a few email contacts were not approved.  A friend in Georgia was approved, an employer in Asheville, NC was approved, my parents were not approved.  I got a few emails out.

The Bill or Rights forbids excessive bonds – they are unconstitutional.  A visit to Ashe county North Carolina and you might think you are in North Korea where the US Constitution holds no value.

After several days of asking every deputy to make the phone work with the remainder of my $20 ( because each email cost a little).  I threatened to file a Federal 1983 civil suit, then that day my long-distance calling was enabled so I contacted some people by phone as well.  Until the jail gets a correct dorm classification for a prisoner – that prisoner cannot use the phones at the jail.  When a prisoner complains about the civil righs violation – the police say “You were allowed to make a free local phone call during booking – thats the law”

At the first court appearance while I was still in custody my court appointed lawyer asked for a bond reduction.  The judge questioned my employment because the location was 2 hours away from my home.  My court appointed counsel explained that I work over the Internet.  In reply, the judge agreed to reduce only $500 from the $15,500 bond.  Even so, the judges bond reduction order was not carried out.  I have requested the court transcript recordings to see if I heard a dumb cum burp a judge of the law.  The bond was not reduced that little bit into the amount where a signature from a property owner could warrant my release.  Only Cash.






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