Home Sweet Home


Initially this web page described my home in North Carolina and work with Ayahuasca that was happening there.  In 2019 I am currently living on St. John in the US Virgin Islands where I have already overseen 1 Ayahuasca ceremony this year. 

5-Br-DMT from a sponge, and 5 -MeO-DMT in Cohoba are native to the Caribbean.  Psychedelic mushrooms are legal in the British Virgin Islands.  The war on drugs in the Caribbean is mostly targeting cocaine, so although Ayahuasca is still not legal it is more common here and not aggressively prosecuted.

So a good work is continued.  If you are in the Caribbean or want to travel here.  Look me up.  I an be contacted at 2020Sight@outlook.com   or 340.201.4734


This is my site – IAM an expert with shamanic plants – i wrote every words here:

This is my profile at ResearchGate where i publish my chemistry/alchemy findings:

I would have said that my career work is irrelevant because a carpenter may be qualified to be a great spiritual teacher, however Terrence Mckenna said that my work, a guru in my work, is the mark of a modern shaman.  In “DMT The Spirit Molecule” a mathematician  made a case for DMT.  I excel greatly in computer science:

This video is long but Terrence Mckenna makes the connection between spiritual shamanism and computer science gurus.


This is my complete profile including Poetry, Legal work, and Journalism


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