Facebook Wants my Account to be Hacked

See the    June 15, 2018      update below.

If you read my FB wall and the comments under each post – you will understand why.  You need to know what GDOC stands for – Georgia Dept. of Corrections.  I have connections in the chain gang.  I know gangs – to me the police are far more dangerous than any street gang.  Gangs helped me get a contraband cell phone that i used to get myself out of prison.  There is much gang “code” in the words and images that i use.  I support UGA – United Gangs of America – to end gang wars and unite as one force under God.

Old comments from my FB wall were already deleted by Facebook admins.  The posts were from loved ones of people i was incarcerated with.  Loved ones feared for the life of their family at Smith State Prison.  The problems at GDOC are deadly:



I have already used my Facebook account to reach friends of friends serving life sentences for GDOC.  People get killed over life and death decisions.  I know folks that were erased by FACEBOOK.

Georgia Code
§ 16-10-56 – Riot in a penal institution


Additionally,   You need to realize how tech i am.  My tech roots are in Silicon Valley 1990’s.   See my resume: https://brianaberle777.wordpress.com/resume-of-brian-aberle/

My tech project has 600,000 views as of May 2018 : https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/37850/XMLFoundation        I support https://microg.org/  – Google and Facebook do not.  I am also associated with projects and competitions designed to be disruptive to Facebook.  I am not a facebook fan.  Almost certainly my FB account existed before yours and only in 2018 have i surpassed 200 FB friends.

On May 9 2018 my Facebook account became BLOCKED from posting in any Groups, BLOCKED from joining new groups, BLOCKED from sending friend requests.

2018 Block

I used my VPN to setup a new Facebook account with my name and with my picture – The new ME only has 1 friend – myself – and thats the only true friend the new ME will ever have. The new ME posts on my behalf – because people were asking me questions under posts that I made in several Groups – and I was NOT ALLOWED TO ANSWER THEM.

On May 10, 2018 my new account was fully BLOCKED and disabled for posting anything anywhere.


That account is PERMANENTLY DISABLED – On May 11, 2018  i see this:


To get around the PERMANENT BLOCK i used Another VPN to a new IP address where I created another new account – but this time I uised a different name and profile picture so that i can accomplish more before they figure out that I am online AGAIN and disable this account as well.

Facebook is owned by police and the CIA.  The warden of any prison can have your facebook profile deleted.  Facebook supports CIA chem trails – i know shit about them that you dont.     I dont think i know.    i know.     i know what i know – thats why they want me in prison.

On May 12 – Facebook users besides myself noticed the censorship



On May 12 My Facebook account was briefly unblocked after all of this ranting – however it did not last long. Just before midnight on the 12th of May, My account was “Restricted”



I suppose this means that AGAIN I am forbidden from answering any questions asked of me in any groups.  I expect that I will be forced to use a 3rd VPN and setup another new Facebook account to get around Facebook politics.

Again and again, FB Admins are trying to stop the inevitable.  On June 2, 2018 at 11pm eastern time, FB admins blocked me from posting anything within Facebook, therefore i cannot reply or comment toward anything on my own timeline while other people can.

I am nearly trending within FB,  I gained 3300 FB friends in 4 days.  FB Admins will not allow me to enter the “Trending” news feed or they will compound my rising.  Perhaps system wide FB changes will be the result of this.


Additionally – i cannot use FB messenger to even explain anything to anybody who tries to contact me.  FB is unreliable and therefore dangerous as my communications are often essential regarding medicinal topics.  FB does not have human interest above its own.  I know what i know.




On June 15 at 2:40 AM Eastern time Facebook admins blocked my account again.

The June 15th block prevents me from posting on my own timeline while all my FB friend are allowed to post on my timeline.  I am also prevented from using FB messenger to send any messages to FB friends.  This censorship is because I just published evidence about Ashe County police and justice system corruption.   Facebook does not want their social platform being used for exposing corruption.


I cannot even receive certain FB Messages.  i have 300 mutual friends with this guy.  His account need 2 B verified?







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