Native Languages and Native Technologies

As an integration product suite, TransactXML server must have native support for all the popular development technologies used in the Fortune 500.  This allows in house developers to reuse existing routines (virtually no matter what technology they were developed in), those routines may then manipulate, fetch or generate the data that makes up a dynamic XML Document.  The technology used to abstract cross language method invocation is the open source “Language Driver” technology published within the XMLFoundation.  This is the implementation of the “Language Abstraction”.

C++       –

Java      –

XML      –

COM     –


Perl       –

Python  –

In a Distributed XML Object System, each machine could conceivably use its own language.  The same language abstraction interface has been implemented into three UBT Products – TransactXML, the XSLT, and Xfer so that one user developed plugin can be used by all the applications – maximizing reuse and localizing routines into one place which reduces code maintenance liability  and increases development speed through applied object oriented design.

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